With our programTHE MAGIC PIWORLD we are able to create a graphic structure, that can be transformed into a midi-sequence, using the amazing GRAPHIC COMPOSER by Jürgen Lange.

We suppose that a single tone is characterized by three parameters:
- the pause before the tone starts,
- the pitch of the tone and
- the duration of the tone.

These three parameters are taken from the digit succession of Pi.
So  the simple Pi-phony for one voice is created.
Drawing more than one tone related to the same starting point we are able to create the Pi-phony for up to 24 voices.

Listen to the beginning of Pi-phonies now:
Fourteen voices (10kB)


A part of the score of Pi-phony for 14 voices

<img SRC="partitur.gif" NOSAVE BORDER=0 height=110 width=400>

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