The personal - Pi- SIGN

THE MAGIC PIWORLD program allows us to create a structure of lines on the basis of pi-digits, which is unique for a particular person since it is based upon his data of birth.

The date of birth of the person is used to determine the starting point of transforming the pi-digits into a picture, for example, the date 30.08.1963 determines the starting point 30081963. digit. The first six digits of this number defines the drawing size: 300 x 819 Pixel. The geographic data of the birth place are used as drawing parameters, such as lenght of lines, thickness of lines and drawing angle.

Two pictures are developed seperately, each of them uses a sequence of pi-digits, which is determined by the time of birth. By overlaying these two pictures a unique personal pisign is created. 

It can be read like the palm of your hand and it is genuine as a gift, a letterhead or for contemplation.

How to get your own personal - Pi- SIGN ?
you get information!


A few examples of generated Pi-SIGNs

The personal BW-Pi-SIGN
The personal AR-Pi-SIGN


The personal HLY-Pi-SIGN
The personal JVS-Pi-SIGN




The personal BE-Pi-SIGN

 The personal RL-Pi-SIGN

The personal JC-Pi-SIGN


The personal FP-Pi-SIGN



The personal PB-Pi-SIGN


The personal NG-Pi-SIGN


The personal FR-Pi-SIGN


The personal SU-Pi-SIGN


The personal DO-Pi-SIGN


The personal LM-Pi-SIGN



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